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Garth Be: Law Of Fives EP

Better known as BE, Manchester-based producer Garth Be isn’t one to make noise for nothing. Since setting up his own label Sweet Sticky back in 2014, which he now uses as the number one platform to shelter his silky house blends, the man kept a rather low profile, only releasing his second LP – the multi-hued short format album ‘Hypnotony‘, last year.

Each track off his new ‘Law Of Fives EP‘ for local house wonder-purveyor Rüf Kutz feels like a labour of love in itself. With its jacking dynamics, ‘Falling Leafe‘ sets things in dancing motion straightaway. Interlarding filtered piano stabs and chords with chopped-up vocals dropping in jabs, it’s a proper Chicago-indebted opener, tailored for outdoor summer action.

If the previous cut follows a vertical movement, ‘Amo K‘ is more interesting in its horizontality. As tight-laced drums beat a syncopated pulse, it’s the keyboard melody that carries the day here, oscillating from spacious synth-scaping to cascading harmonics in a smooth slide. ‘To Too Much 2‘ makes for the oddball DJ-tool interlude on the B-side.

Occupying the flip, the jazzy ‘Where Are You‘ and ‘Sleepytimeboogie‘ offer some quality time in warm downtempo rhythms and fumy cotton-club ambiences. Whilst the first shows Garth on top of his game with a soulful mixture of subtle drum taps and finely-sprinkled Rhodes accentuations, the latter shuts the EP on a mild, slow-fading outro. Dope boogie vibe.

Law Of Fives EP is released via Rüf Kutz on 14th November, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Falling Leafe
A2. Amo K
B1. Where Are You
B2. To Too Much 2
B3. Sleepytimeboogie

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