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Peder Mannerfelt: Transmissions From A Drainpipe

Over a few years in the production game, fact is Stockholm’s offbeat techno warlock Peder Mannerfelt has been one of the few out there to consistently question the nature of stomping mechanics and its subsequent functional use, pushing rhythmic patterns and sine curves to their limits through carefully textured audio pieces and nonconformist structures.

Picking up where ‘Controlling Body‘ left off, Mannerfelt dishes out a four-track EP that works on alternating current voltage. Despite its title, ‘Joan @ The Rave‘ kicks things off on a contemplative ambientish note, interlacing truncated icy pads in a fluid aerial glide a la Actress’ and tracks like ‘RIP‘ – a similarity that actually infuses throughout the rest of the record.


That’s when ‘Public Images‘ attacks with a forcible rave-y buildup, strafing loud bass impacts as sliced-and-diced vox shards shower in alarming fluctuations. If the Swedish producer certainly knows how to screw up any sense of expectation, each bar potentially bearing a massive melodic shift or startling tempo deviation, this one should lay waste on many dancefloors without batting an eyelid.

Flip the record and ‘Request Line‘ submerges you in a synthetic ping-pong game of laser beams arranged in a modular-like scenario. Imagine that blasted through a monster sound-system, the resulting vertigo should be pretty troubling to say the least. Acting as an extended outro, ‘Blog Kept A Growing‘ dives headfirst in the leftfield pool, unraveling growingly dehumanized, robotic orders like a glitchy next-gen mantra. True to his challenging vision, Mannerfelt pictures the dual, artificial dichotomy between nature and technology with poise and order.

Transmissions From A Drainpipe is released via Peder Mannerfelt Produktion on 15th November, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Joan @ The Rave
A2. Public Images
B1. Request Line
B2. Blog Kept A Growing (feat. Glasser)

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