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Paume: Transalpine EP

When it comes to house music, deep, acid, micro or classic, you know that some hearts will skip a beat trying to label what they just heard just so they can keep their record collection meticulously organised.

But there’s always that person, who will screw it all up by just releasing some micro-ufo-deep house record that sounds too good to be forgotten.  is that guy.

The young Parisian, real name Hugo Billionet, may be a newcomer but he doesn’t sound like a beginner. Like a seasoned mountain guide, Paume takes us to sonic switchbacks right up to deep house alps, consistently taking the right bend at the right time: emotion is about precision. Billionet knows too well about it.

His studies in architecture have certainly helped Mr Billionet build some infectious grooves and drops without forgetting that design is nothing without sentiment. Like a Frank Gehry’s building deploying its metallic chests, curvy and seductive at first glance although highly sophisticated. ‘Follies‘ and ‘Transalpine‘ have that built-in instant crush ability that makes your feet shuffle and hips wiggle in a flash but the intricate structures of the most finely crafted pieces of music.

Take the introduction of ‘Love Fifteen‘ for instance. The track opens on a beautiful piano melody – Gonzales wouldn’t deny – before Heidi M vocals take us off and we finally step up to the light as she sings it. Voices come washing ashore, echoing from distant lands although they have the fragility of murmurs whispered between your ears. The construction is painstaking without ever feeling forced at all.

Paume juggles with textures and carves his sound with catchy momentums ending in enthusiastic pieces of work. Both intimate and epic, Transalpine is the perfect balance between high quality production and melodic sense, emotionally spellbinding and musically spot-on. Paume is here to stay.

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