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Glaswegian experimental psych / electronic label InvisibleInc. get proper kosmiche on us with a wigged out 6 tracker from Higamos Hogomos’ Steve Webster. Containing a mixed bag of influences, SPACEROCKS skirts all manner of electronic tropes: the press release mention of ‘Gravitational Arch of Ten, Cluster and Vangelis’ should have any self-respecting classic synth lover pricking up their ears in anticipation.

Lush vintage pads wash over classic drum machines and bubbling arps, whilst unabashed 1970s synth flourishes abound. That’s not to say this is all retro; ‘Simmons Sequence’ and ‘Glancer’ could be the product of Mathew Jonson and Klaus Schulze locked in a room with nothing but their studio gear and a bag of fungoid psilocybin. As mycological mind explorations go it certainly works.

The excellent ‘Invisible’ comes off as a kind of abstract Underworld versus The Emperor Machine, with Webster displaying some formidable modular chops along the way.  A kosmiche-influenced release wouldn’t be complete without a horizon expanding distorted guitar meander, which we find in ‘Taurus’.

This, quite frankly, reeks of people dancing in a field with long flowing clothes, hands tracing circles whilst observed through a hazy technicolor lens. And I mean that in the best possible way. Playful closer ‘Elkamonious Split’ leaves us way too quickly ending another solid release from an ever-interesting label.

Space Rocks is out now, order a vinyl copy direct from the label here:


1. B.F.O.S.R.
2. Simmons Sequence
3. Glancer
4. Invisible
5. Taurus
6. Elkamonious Split

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