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System: Plus

Morr Music serve up a gorgeous collaboration between Danish electronic trio System and German composer Nils Frahm. With a focus on deep, pensive atmospherics, ‘Plus‘ is a widescreen cinematic journey of an album with elegant, organic electronics as perfect accompaniment to Nils’ keyboard work.

Two years in the making, each piece is built around improvised recordings by Nils at his studio in Berlin. System blend ethereal pads, sparse percussive elements and gentle synth work into the mix – aspects chosen with the utmost care and sensitivity to create a stunning sonic world.

There are hints of label mates ISAN here – in particular on the heartache melodies of “Stille“. Elsewhere we find a warm, enchanting dream world in “Minus” where a recurrent piano theme floats across a bed of fuzzy electronics. The dusty sound of “Gebiet” echoes elements of Frahm’s “All Melody“, whilst “Add” explores a spooked territory of reversed notes, a three bleep motif and watery, slow motion percussion.

It feels at times as if both Nils Frahm and System’s efforts could sit completely separately to each other and still offer rewarding listens. However, it is testament to the skill of all involved that these two musical sides have been woven together with such sublime balance.

Plus” is a must for all fans of melodic electronica, Sonic Pieces releases, Alva Noto / Ryuichi Sakamoto, early ’90s / 2000s electronica and, of course, Nils Frahm. Prior to release we are delighted to offer you a premiere of the shimmering track ‘Piste“.

Plus is scheduled for release 9th November 2018 in vinyl, CD and digital formats, order a copy from Morr Music.


1. Open
2. Drift
3. Gebiet
4. Piste
5. Stille
6. Minus
7. Add
8. Frem
9. Plus

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