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Syz: Mindforms

"Mindforms is a mature, intelligent expedition from a producer
who has worked hard to carve out his eye-catching palate."

These problematic times have spurred a call to action in terms of music production and studio activity, encouraging artists to focus on their lab time and inspiring many to release hallowed bits that may otherwise have never seen the light of day. Syz is one of those to have distilled the acrimony of COVID-Culture and used it to release a dynamic 6-track EP brimming with experimental enthusiasm.

Originally from Brighton but now based in Bristol, Syz’ reputation has been developing organically through his ‘man of the music world’ constitution. Whether producing, deejaying, promoting, radio-show hosting or label managing, his competences have been neatly interwoven to create the hybrid sonic direction that he has become accustomed with.

Clocking in quality releases with hotly tipped Pressure Dome, Leeds-based Brotherhood Sound System, the mysterious Only Ruins and his own brainchild Method Lab, he has become a linchpin in the South West’s bass-laden basement scene in recent years.

However, June of the Coronavirus era sees Syz move forward with his experiential learning and growth, with ‘Mindforms’ EP dropping via the increasingly essential Bandcamp medium. Six tracks of cybernetic programming funnelled through a prism of bass and space come together to create a soundscape rife with imaginative versatility.

1E’ begins in the throes of nature, combining ontological emotion and digital nature to create a brooding, acid-littered environment. Our premiere, ‘Botanic Receptors’ forgoes the definitive ambience of ‘1E‘ and implements downbeat drums to create a head-nodding creation scattered with developing 303 growls.The ethereal ‘Essence’ comes next, an airy piece driven by a peculiar glockenspiel-like patter of percussion and made creepy by the tropical resonance that manifests throughout.

Next up, the title track is wholly characteristic of the Bristol bass sound that is so relevant and widely eulogised in 2020. A propulsive bass line, tribal percussion and equatorial elements create a pulsing beast of dance floor propensity. Syz channels Autechre and the Primitive Painter in ‘Unidentified’, a slow-burning, trudging track of epic exploratory and acidic nature. The EP culminates with ‘Visage’, an incredibly beautiful ambient ode to ecological majesty.

Mindforms is a mature, intelligent expedition from a producer who has worked hard to carve out his eye-catching palate. The EP is available in a (super) limited run of vinyl with neat artwork prints to follow. We wholeheartedly recommend listening and purchasing.

‘Mindforms’ is scheduled for release 1 June. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. 1E
2. Botanic Receptors
3. Essence
4. Mindforms 05:12
5. Unidentified
6. Visage