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Whodamanny: Cosmic Morphology

After a series of releases on tape and CD, Early Sounds sister label Periodica step up with their debut offering on 12″, courtesy of label staple Whodamanny. A half of The Normalmen and one third of The Mystic Jungle Tribe, Raffaele Arcella here takes over for a 20-track ode to the Casio CZ-101’s eldritch, sidereal attributes – noodling his way through a noria of cosmic vignettes and improvised jams.


"'Cosmic Morphology' beats the jagged pulse of a transmuting flux, 
intrepidly rollicking through offbeat, experimental yet groovy fields 
rather than executing another line of tried-and-tested harmonics"

As its title suggests, ‘Cosmic Morphology‘ beats the jagged pulse of a transmuting flux, intrepidly rollicking through offbeat, experimental yet groovy fields rather than executing another line of tried-and-tested harmonics. It’s sheer mind-expanding material set at pushing back the fringes, striving to awaken its listeners’ senses to diverse pleasures and effectively so.

From the subaquatic hip-hop backbone of ‘2MW Themis (The Solar Power Plant)‘ to the magnificent cosmic afro-beat of ‘Kigal First Dimension‘ to the obsessive, hip-swaying funk of ‘Miranda Cryovolconoes‘ and ‘Ancient Symbols From Tethys‘, Arcella beacons the path with a handful of quality grooves to articulate this airy, wide-angle pipe dream.

Like Pharoah Sanders having lunch with Armand Frydman and Litto Nebbia, ‘Cosmic Morphology‘ is a fertile feast brimming with deeply captivating treasures and challenging audio drifts. As the voyage comes to a closure through the short-lived tolling bells of ‘Niribuan Alphabeta‘, one can feel the unorthodox charm of Whodamanny’s pieces growing. An inspired and inspiring record.

Cosmic Morphology is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


1. Orbit Of Nibiru (Intro)
2. Shadows Of Nephtys
3. Timat’s Paths
4. 2MW Themis (The Solar Power Plant)
5. Ningal Moon Goddess
6. Duodecimo Planeta
7. Pole Of The North Ecliptic (Draco)
8. Kigal First Dimension
9. Kigal Second Dimension
10. Miranda Cryovolconoes
11. Crab Interluda
12. Meditation On The Icey Mountains Of Charon
13. Dysomnia Lunar Noises
14. Dysomnia Dead-End Chaos
15. Rings Around Anshar
16. Pole Of The South Ecliptic (Dorado)
17. Comets Across Kingu
18. Ancient Symbols From Tethys
19. Mummu Ascension
20. Niribuan Alphabeta (Outro)

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