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Riccardo Schirò announces debut mini LP ‘Aqua’ for Periodica Records

Formerly known under his Richeart moniker with releases for Basement Night Feeling Sound and New Boy Shit Trax, Italian producer Riccardo Schirò has announced the release of his debut seven-track mini LP ‘Aqua‘, scheduled for release 1st December 2016 on Naples-based Periodica Records and exploring his passion for synthesisers and jazz.

Hailing from Siena, Italy, Schirò is a perfect fit for Periodica, having recently collaborated with fellow Italian producer and Early Sounds mainstay Whodamanny, who released a split EP with Japanese legend Soichi Terada this year on Riccardo’s freshly set imprint Gravity Graffiti – a label said to be “oriented towards the spiritual, healing side of dance music”.

Aqua‘ is a sonic exploration into the submerged lands of Atlantis, recorded and produced in Schirò’s studio in Tuscany with the help of Andrea Gelardi on drums. There he brings the mysterious city back to life, shaking seaweeds with ecstatic disco as jazzy tones smooth the reef’s edges and underworld Gods parade to the sound of spaced-out leftfield variations.

Aqua is released via Periodica Records on 1st December 2016. Order your copy from Decks.


A1. Thru High Tides
A2. Sulfuric Seaweed
A3. Neptunian Population 59,654
A4. Aquatic Logic
B1. Abyssin
B2. Yoondi (nameless lagoons)
B3. Thru Low Tides

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