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Sassy J dishes out a sacred geometry-inspired mix for Altered Soul Experiment

Some patterns casually repeat, some accidentally echo another and some others seem to imperceptibly hold the world together. Five years on since the release of her one-and-only mixtape for The Trilogy Tapes, Sassy J clocks in on Berlin-based imprint Altered Soul Experiment to deliver an equally conceptual and melodically nuanced paragon of her widescreen musical vision.

Built according to sacred geometry-indebted architectonics, the mix follows the structural principles of the Fruit-of-Life. Found everywhere in various shapes and emanations, the Fruit-of-Life is a pattern hidden within a larger one known as the Flower-of-Life – a motif said to be the blueprint for all things in existence across the universe, and encapsulating the structure for all possible dimensions, key for unity and transition between different worlds.

Like that of the Fruit-of-Life’s star-shaped thirteen-circle construction, Sassy J’s ASE mix tempts us into a hour-and-a-half trip down the innermost – intuitively voyaging from jazz to reggae, through soul, hip-hop, r&b, classical, bossa nova and back again. Interspersed with ASMR-like interludes and more spacious ambient spans, Sassy’s mix is one to expand the mind and soul in equal measure, seeking harmony through difference and variation.

Engineering the shift towards global consciousness, it has us bouncing from a sphere to the other effortlessly, translating each stage of this cross-dimensional trip through reflective pieces of music and like-minded grooves. Vibrate higher.

ASE13 is out now, order a copy from Altered Soul Experiment’s webshop.

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