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Premiere: S. Channel – Liquid Dreams

Following on from a first foray on the label in 2017, Parisian producer S. Channel returns to Third Try Records with ‘Liquid Dreams‘ – a six-track extended player reccing the bypaths and crossroads leading from deep, ambient house to hip-hop and everything in between. A shape-shifting mirage of sound to dream up to.

Streaming through our channels today, the title-track ‘Liquid Dreams‘ flies us away from the metropolitan rush and daily avalanche of e-borne hassles to an oasis of aqueous textures, velvet-draped rhythms and leisurely lakeside quiet.

Meshing the solar-powered melodicism of Caribou with a vibrant minimal palette not unlike that of Kassem Mosse’s most atmospheric compositions, Vincent Ribault shows off his unparalleled knack for sculpting truly riveting pieces out of a limited array of elements, shaping and polishing them as a diamond cutter reveals and exalts the beauty of his carbon gemstones. A vibes master most assuredly.

Liquid Dreams is released via Third Try Records on 24th June, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Dimension X
2. Liquid Dreams
3. TRex (feat. Harris Rudman)
4. Have You Seen UFOs
5. Earthshatter
6. 2min46 With Henry (feat. Harris Rudman)

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