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Sebastian Mullaert collaborates with Boelja on two-part ‘Who?’ EP on Hypercolour

Sebastian Mullaert returns to Hypercolour this month with an intriguing two-part vinyl release made in collaboration with Circle Of Live member Boelja.

Who?‘ EP is accompanied with an interactive website (TBA), presented in the style of an old Macintosh programme. The website gives listeners the chance to immerse themselves in the music whilst also taking part in an online quest.

Purchasers of the first part of the EP will receive a gatefold sleeve containing the first disc of the release. However in order to complete the set, only those that take part in the online quest will receive instructions on how to pick up the second piece of vinyl.

Who? EP is scheduled for release 24 May 2019 via Hypercolour. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Who?
2. Sebastian Mullaert – Did You Talk With The Ferryman?
3. Are You This Fleeting Moment?

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Who A

Who B