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Shackleton drops ‘Furnace of Guts’

Today whilst causally scrolling through the interwebs, we came across a surprise 2-track release ‘Furnace Of Guts‘ from Shackleton on his own imprint Woe To The Septic Heart, adorned with typically lysergic artwork. ‘Furnace Of Guts‘ marks the producers first release of 2018 and initial impressions indicate that this is an essential hypnotic release.

Lifted from Boomkat, “‘Furnace Of Guts‘ is a mercurial, polychromatic flow of stuttering voices, glinting high register percussion and wriggling bottom end feathered into increasingly noisy, knotted formations, while ‘Wakefulness and Obsession’ is more potently hypnotic, droning and viscous.”

‘Furnace Of Guts’ is out now, order a vinyl or digital copy from Boomkat.


1. Furnace of Guts
2. Wakefulness and Obsession

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