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Shackleton lines up ‘The Majestic Yes’ on Honest Jon’s, featuring Mark Ernestus

Visionary producer Shackleton lines up a 4-track extended player through Honest Jon’s in August, presenting three solo tracks complimented with a stripped-back dub version by Mark Enestus.

Recorded in Dakar during February 2020, ‘The Majestic Yes‘ spans a run time of 20 minutes resulting in a captivating exploration into tribal rhythms and psychedelic meanderings. Mark Ernestus’ dub version of ‘Overwhelming Yes‘ delivers “a snatch of the original melody, extra distortion and delay, and crystal-clear drum sound”.

‘The Majestic Yes’ is scheduled for release 12 August via Honest Jon’s. Order a copy from Juno.


1. The Majestic Yes
2. The Overwhelming Yes
3. The Stick & Twist Mood
4. Overwhelming Yes Dub (Mark Ernestus version)