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Shinoby, Sara Bonaventura and Annamaria Ajmone collaborate for ‘Diapason’ A/V DVD on Istheway

Shinoby lines up his second audio visual artefact on his Istheway imprint.

Available in October as a limited edition DVD – ‘Diapason‘ is an experimental art-piece made in collaboration with visual artist Sara Bonaventura, providing real-time processing and Shinoby on sound design duty.

First screened earlier this year during NYC’s lockdown period at ZAZ Corner – a digital gallery showcasing artwork on a large LED at Times Square – ‘Diapason‘ presents a chromatic display of choreography by Annamaria Ajmone, drafted around a series of minimal movements, drawing linear yet dynamic movements in the surrounding space.

The title ‘Diapason‘ refers to a Wobbulator – an electronic device primarily used for the alignment of receiver or transmitter intermediate frequency strips. In this case it has been used to process choreography, responding to pitches in the signal.

‘Diapason’ is scheduled for release 5 October as a limited DVD featuring a bonus tribute to Donna Haraway’s ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Performer: Annamaria Ajmone
Processing: Sara Bonaventura
Sound Design: Omar Contri
Design Consulting: Mattia Tono


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