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Premiere: Moloch Horridus – Echoes Of A Memory

Tred, under the guise of Moloch Horridus (the Australian Thorny Devil’s Latin name), brings a 4-track EP for the next “capsule drop” from Amniote Editions — the ever-crucial, and always unexpected label co-managed by Copenhagen trance matriarch Mama Snake.

The ‘Self Guard‘ EP, perhaps a loan from the Moloch’s natural jagged armour, merges frantic electro percussion with cavernous trance-like synthesis to deadly effect. Dark, cold, and fast; just three one-syllable words that might give you a chance to prepare.

Echoes Of A Memory‘ is perhaps the most seamless blending of the two styles. Shadows of trance surface out of black waters like a dreadnought, the snap of electro rattling off the hull, before forming into full density. As fierce as the opening moments are, it gradually pares back into a more gentle cruising speed, while losing none of the urgency.

‘Self Guard’ is scheduled for release 2 October via Amniote Editions. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Worlds Apart
2. Internal Error
3. Echoes Of A Memory
4. Within This Space