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Soshi Takeda issues ‘Memory of Humidity Re-Humidified’ EP on Dotei Records

Three years after his debut album was released on Dotei Records, Japanese producer Soshi Takeda revisits ‘Memory of Humidity‘ to issue a three track EP named ‘Memory of Humidity Re-Humidified‘.

Across three albums, the Tokyo-based producer mines effervescent synths and rhythms to craft a sound equally indebted to 90s video game soundtracks as IDM aesthetics. The “dancefloor-focused” remixes expand and enhance the easy listening vibe of the originals, injecting crispy beats and squiggling synths ideal for the soundtrack to a mid-summer rooftop party.

Soshi Takeda is set to celebrate the EP release with a party at Tokyo’s Spread nightclub on the 20th August, featuring Aiwabeatz, Hoshina Anniversary, Shindo a.k.a. Hypnotic Inc., and Phonehead.

‘Memory of Humidity Re​-​Humidified’ is scheduled for release on July 12 via Dotei Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. River
2. Quiet
3. Double Canoe