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Specter turns up on Altered Soul Experiment

Next up to grace the high-flying mixtape series of Berlin-based finest Altered Soul Experiment is Chicago-based smooth operator Andres ‘Specter’ Ordonez – a producer whose extended blends of immersive deep house beats, jacuzzi-warm atmospheres and elegiac drifts lead him to release on such high-rated labels as Theo Parrish’s seminal Sound Signature imprint, Patrice Scott’s Sistrum, Downbeat Records – in addition to his own structure, Tetrode Music.

Turning raw essence into essential rawness, Specter gives you a memorable ride through a 90-minute maelstrom of straight-out incendiary soul, boogie and fresh disco grooves, weaved together by Andres’ sixth sense for keeping the tempo up and shining as he slowly but surely raises the temperature. Turn your brain off and hand full motion control to your legs and heart; ASE09 is the quintessential expression of high-density body music.

ASE09 is out now via Altered Soul Experiment, order a copy from their webshop.

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