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Stephen Hitchell aka cv313 lines up ‘Glass City Sessions’ LP for Minimood

Echospace Detroit co-founder Stephen Hitchell has announced the release of a new album under his solo production alias of cv313, scheduled for release in January 2019 via Minimood.

Alongside his many solo production monikers, including Intrusion, Phase90, Soultek and Variant – cv313’s signature sound has been a blueprint for the genre for years and is created using vintage hardware. Hitchell also runs legendary record label echospace [detroit], which is arguably key to developing the dub techno sound that we know, outside of the Germanic labels of Basic Channel and Maurizio.

At just under an hour long, ‘Glass City Sessions’ is composed of five exquisite tracks that are rooted in live recordings from a DEMF after party in the year 2000, which took place “in an old dingy warehouse about 10 miles out of downtown Detroit, right next to the now abandoned Eloise asylum”.

Widely considered as one of the most haunted buildings in America, Eloise asylum was once the largest psychiatric hospital in the whole of the Michigan area. At its prime it consisted of 78 buildings that housed 10,000 residents across 902 acres of land. Now only four buildings remain and are used to house homeless families and the elderly. The theme of haunted locations resonates throughout the music and track titles.

Belle Isle Symphonics” is the most driving of the five tracks “twelve frosty minutes of hunched-over drums and rattling metal sounds that place you in the centre of a large abandoned building.” – whilst foreboding closer “Eloise’s Theme” presents an ambient-ish masterpiece with horizontal chords gently moving up and down the scales to trap you in a soothing state.

‘Glass City Sessions’ will be available in double vinyl only and is scheduled for release 11th January 2019.


A1. Belle Isle Symphonics
B1. Masonic Mystic
C1. Stars Above Elmwood
D1. Two Way Inn
D2. Eloise’s Theme

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