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Strange Brew seek crowdfunding for 330 capacity music and arts venue in Bristol

If you’ve been out partying in Bristol over the past decade there’s a good chances you’ve either attended or at the very least heard of the Dirtytalk crew’s parties.

Forming the kernel to the collective that’s been throwing some of the city’s finest raves around, Shaun Tennant, Kerry Patterson, Robert Needham and Leigh Dennis, alias Leewok, now have even bigger plans for their beloved city’s scene: a multi-faceted new space for creation and recreation going by the name of Strange Brew.

Presented as an “independent 330-capacity music and arts venue for Bristol offering live music, exhibitions, club nights and performances with a late-night cafe-bar and record shop“, Strange Brew intends to fill a gap in current local offerings.

“We aim to create a music and arts venue that we believe is sorely needed in Bristol, which will offer a fun and welcoming place for many groups and individuals to meet and connect, as well as be a platform for a diverse range of local and international artists, performers and subcultures.”

To reach their ambition, the Dirtytalk family launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £45,000 by June 6th. Now at the half-way mark of their goal, they need us more than ever to turn this highly promising vision into reality.

Head over to their Crowdfunder page to support the project and get yourself one of the many cool rewards, including Strange Brew membership cards, a Turbo Island designed t-shirt, tickets for the launch party, a superb graphic print from our artist friend Guillaume de Ubeda and more. No time to waste!