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Premiere: L.F.T. – The Cure For My Kind

A couple months after the drop of his acclaimed latest EP – ‘It’s Alive‘ – on Helena Hauff imprint Return To Disorder, Hamburg’s electro wunderkind L.F.T. enlists on Kluentah’s Zement with a straight out frantic four-track mind-bender.

Voyaging across the breathing membranes and heated internal pipework of some breathless CPU’s core at full throttle, ‘ZMNT 002‘ pulls out the heavy machinery and evil-minded breaks straightaway. One to let the laser guns do the talking rather than go the gentle dialectics way, L.F.T. teleports us on board his racing vessel as he sets the club dynamics to eleven with no mercy for the low-powered. Hectic!

A true sucker-punch of a B-side opener, our premiere ‘The Cure For My Kind‘ takes us into the eye of a Detroit-flavoured, 303-riddled storm. Think Dopplereffekt on a steroid high being blasted out loud in a murky basement as the-power-that-be’s satellites dart their deadly beams at the Earth’s panic-stricken metropolises. So much for the apocalyptic scenario, the subterranean rave is on and L.F.T.’s your host for one last stretch of high-octane boogie whilst Trump tranquilly sips a mojito in his gold-plated, secret fallout shelter. There’s no cure for this kind.

ZMNT 002 is released via Zement on 10th June, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Nucleon
A2. Wounds
B1. The Cure For My Kind
B2. Hypno Haniwa

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