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Strategy lines up third release on Peak Oil

LA-based record label Peak Oil announce their first album release of the year, courtesy of long-standing Portland producer Strategy, who was responsible for the imprints first ever vinyl release in 2012.

Since then, Paul Dickow has issued albums through a variety of labels including 100% Silk, Idle Hands, Entr’acte, Further Records, Geographic North, Loon Moon and Dreamtone – now he steps up to deliver his third release for Peak Oil named ‘Unexplained Sky Burners‘.

Spanning nine tracks, Strategy delivers a “full hour of dubby, swinging, bass-driven bangers, gene-spliced from hyper-familiar stabs and breaks sourced across the legacy of dance music, then wrung through Dickow’s ever-evolving chain of hand-built gear.”

Housed in artwork similar to DJ Healer’s ‘Nothing 2 Loose‘ LP, the album title is said to refer to an underreported aerial incident above the Willamette Valley, when a mysterious fireball / meteorite soared through the atmosphere and disappeared into the light of the rising sun. The effect of this X-Files sighting on the music’s elusive energy remains to be determined.

‘Unexplained Sky Burners’ is scheduled for release 30 September via Peak Oil. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Frontiera
2. Unexplained Sky Burners
3. Blue Situation
4. Bassmaker
5. Bug Bongo
6. Santur
7. Inside the Pyramid
8. Koto Novo
9. Super Moon