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Stream ‘Window Window’ from forthcoming Cassegrain & Tin Man EP

In support of their exclusive track, ‘Oxide‘ featured on ‘Berghain 07 – Part II, Cassegrain & Tin Man present their new 4 track Window Window EP, scheduled for release on 1st June 2015 through Infrastructure New York.

Infrastructure founder Function will mix Berghain 07, the latest in the series of DJ mixes from Ostgut Ton. As part of the release two 12”s will also be released featuring exclusive tracks, and the in-depth A&R process for this landmark project led to the signing of the ‘Window Window’ EP.

After a series of well received EPs and numerous individual releases, the partnership between California born, Vienna-situated acid-head Tin Man and Berlin-residing techno purists Cassegrain seems to have really hit its stride. Their new EP presents the first chapter in a new body of work, as focused on melody and emotional themes as it is on dancefloor satisfaction. Reflecting a nostalgic, classic love for the Roland TB-303 and its oozing capabilities, paired with contemporary drums and detailed sound processing, the three talented musicians present their modern view of acid over four unique tracks.

Window Window’ unfolds as their closing epilogue, a 7 minute journey leading us further into the achingly touching melodic formations that pour effortlessly out of the Tin Man’s synths. That’s only accentuated by Cassegrain’s killer percussion, sleek sequencing and unique sound design and the result is a clear contender for the team’s most captivating release yet.

Window Window EP is released on 1st June 2015 via Infrastructure New York. Cassegrain and Tin Man play live together at the Function Berghain 07 launch party this Saturday at Berghain. Check Resident Advisor for the full lineup.


A1 Faint Faint
B2 Seduct Seduct
B1 Ether Ether
B2 Window Window


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