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Taylor Deupree remasters Emily A. Sprague ‘Water Memory / Mount Vision’ for release on RVNG Intl.

Modular synthesist, songwriter and sound designer Emily A. Sprague has announced the release of a new project, her first for Brooklyn-based record label RVNG Intl.Water Memory / Mount Vision’ will reissue and reimagine two works from 2017-2018 in a newly sequenced double LP, mastered by Taylor Deupree.

Featuring two previously unheard bonus tracks alongside recorded excerpts of Emily’s poetry, the release seeks to present ‘Water Memory‘ and ‘Mount Vision’ in new and complete detail. These singular works of sonic poetry are said to be “the product of potent emotional experience”, offering a collection of reflections on “the connectedness of all things, and the mysterious forces that guide earthly activity and human contact with them.”

Drawing alignments between the spiritual and the earthly, the personal and the devotional, ‘Water Memory / Mount Vision’ brings together two intimate documents of exploration that journey beyond self-reflection, into the imprecise borders between ourselves and the shared world that we inhabit. RVNG Intl. have shared a new video for “Your Pond”, take a look below.

‘Water Memory / Mount Vision’ is scheduled for release via RVNG Intl. on May 24, 2019. A limited print of Emily’s writing, Ambient Poems (2017 – 2018), will be included to mail order customers while the edition allows. Order a copy from RVNG Intl.


1. Water Memory Poem
2. A Lake
3. Water Memory 1
4. Water Memory 2
5. Dock
6. Your Pond
7. Mount Vision Poem
8. Synth 1
9. Piano 1
10. Synth 2
11. Huckleberry
12. Synth 3
13. Piano 2 (Mount Vision)
14. Outdoor (Bonus Track)
15. Untitled (Bonus Track)

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