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Technics announce all black audiophile turntable SL-1210G

Following the release of their limited edition black finished grand class turntable last summer, Technics have unveiled a brand new all back version turntable named the SL-1210G.

Boasting an iron-coreless direct-drive motor, which Technics has worked on to achieve stable rotation and eliminate cogging, the twin-rotor construction is designed to reduce the bearing load while maintaining high torque. Additionally the tonearm is made from magnesium, with the tonearm bearings benefitting from a cut-processed housing for high initial motion sensitivity.

The SL-1210G is priced at an eye-watering £3499 per unit and is available to purchase from October 2021. 


  • Iron-coreless direct drive motor with double rotor/single stator achieving ultimately stable rotation, free from cogging and with powerful torque.
  • Hybrid encoder for rotational speed detection, using a Hall Sensor for rotor position detection.
  • Highly sensitive yet robust tonearm made from cold-drawn magnesium for high damping effect. High-precision tonearm bearings use a cut-processed housing for high initial motion sensitivity, ensuring accurate reading of the music information etched in the record’s groove.
  • Three-layer platter with high vibration-damping performance for undisturbed tracking. Each platter is individually adjusted for balance.
  • 4-layer high-rigidity cabinet with heavy aluminium top plate and high-damping silicone-rubber insulators to effectively shut out vibration