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Roland Boutique unveil two new polyphonic synths JX-08 & JD-08

Roland have added two new polyphonic synthesisers to their Boutique range – the JX-08 and JD-08 – which emulate the JX-8P and JD-800 respectively.

First released in 1985, the JX-8P was one of Roland’s latest ‘80s analogue synths, and was famed for its warm pads, shimmering chorus and bright textures. The JX-08 reintroduces the unique sound of this sought-after classic, coupled with powerful new effects, a polyphonic sequencer and 32 presets from the original synth plus 100 new ones that are designed for contemporary styles.

Jumping forward a few years, the JD-800 was a favourite for electronic music producers through the ’90s and beyond. Combining the original JD-800 waveforms with advanced modeling techniques, the JD-08 delivers hands-on sound design of the original, along with hugely expanded polyphony, a two-part polyphonic sequencer, and other modern updates.

JX-08 and JD-08 are available to purchase from January 2022 with prices starting at $400 per module.