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Khramov issue special edition rotary mixer ‘RM-2 Gost Zvuk Model A’

Moscow-based experimental imprint Gost Zvuk have collaborated with Khramov to produce just five, fully analog rotary mixers, boasting a unique artistic patination and housed within a powder-coated steel case.

Hand built in Russia by Dmitriy Khramov, the two channel mixer houses its own fully analog circuitry and is designed to keep the layout intuitive and straightforward with superior sound quality.

Model “A” is a special edition of RM-2 designed with Gost Zvuk aesthetics. Each mixer has its own organic pattern, which is achieved through artistic patination. There will be a maximum of 5 unique Model “A” mixers.

Orders are accepted until the 10th of January 2022. Production will commence on the 11th of January.

– 3-way master isolator
(full cut/+6dB boost). A pure joy to use!
– Separate cue knobs for each channel – listen to both
channels at the same time, with precise volume control

– 2 line stereo RCA
– 2 phono stereo RCA with precise RIAA equalization

– stereo master balanced XLR, unbalanced RCA (with level control)
– stereo booth impedance balanced TRS (with level control)
– stereo TRS 6.3 jack headphone output (with level control)

Master Isolator crossover frequency
– low/mids 400Hz
– mids/high 4kHz
Each knob has a +6dB/full cut response.

2 way EQ on each channel
– high +/-10dB at 5kHz
– low +/-10dB at 100Hz

​Cue knobs (separate for each channel).
Stereo VU meters on the master output.
Internal linear regulated power supply.
110v/220v options are available.

– powder-coated steel with laser engraving

32cm x 21cm x 12cm