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Tobias. delivers a retrospective mix for Newtype Rhythms

This week’s edition of Newtype Rhythms comes with a special guest mix from a man of many pseudonyms — whether it be their work as NSI, Pink Elln, or Sieg Über Die Sonne — it all connects to the mind of one Tobias Freund.

Known through more mainstream channels under the artist alias of Tobias. — the German producer, engineer and live performer has never stayed too comfortable in one lane — always finding ways to keep things fresh with new projects, new sounds and new variations of his forthcoming output.

His latest project, Recent Arts, is a collaborative A/V project with Valentina Berthelon — a multimedia experience that resulted in Skin; not only a conceptual album but a collection of collaborations with a number of performers and dancers in order to create video works that involve improvisations with their bodies. Previously debuting on March 8th and now released on Freund’s Non Standard Productions label, the album is nothing short of a journey; sonics that tell stories and alter tensions in the environment.

This is a narrative that Tobias. carries through most of his career, and it’s something that he exemplifies in this carefully-crafted mix for our sister series; a thoughtful collection of his own productions over the years, weaved together masterfully for our minds and bodies to behold. His mix starts at 56 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead warming things up as always.


00:00 – 55:38 – mixed by Sheepshead

1. Yoshio Ojima – Glass Chattering
2. Monolake – Mass Transit Railway
3. Telefon Tel Aviv – Your Face Reminds Me Of When I Was Old
4. Arovane & Hior Chronik – After Tomorrow
5. Cosmin TRG – Upscale Scalability, Implemented
6. The Higher Intelligence Agency & Biosphere – Narrowboat
7. Martijn Comes – Spectral Cloud Awe
8. Kelly Moran – Water Music
9. Burial – Night Bus
10. Julia Kent – Terrain

56:01 – END – mixed and produced by Tobias.

1. Recent Arts – Movements & Codes
2. Tobias. – Autopoiesis
3. Javiera González – How Come
4. Tobias. feat. Cormac – Statik
5. NSI. – A.R.T. 9
6. Odd Machine – Phase Out
7. Sieg Über Die Sonne – Waste Time
8. Pink Elln – Modified
9. Javiera González – Quiet Quiet
10. Recent Arts – The Form Of Time
11. NSI. – I’ve Been Having Glitches
12. Sieg Über Die Sonne – Cleaning Windows
13. Tobias. – Voices Told Me To Do That
14. Tobias. – Fast Null
15. Pink Elln – Quiet Like A Milk Cup
16. Recent Arts – Skinscapes

Discover more about Tobias on Inverted Audio.