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Keope – Between Time

Finding solace within their remotely-located studios, producer-duo Keope facilitated their time of solitude to endeavour in what some may see as the bright side of a pandemic-induced quarantine; the time to freely create.

Situated between Germany and Italy, band members Marcus Rossknecht and Toni Bruna explore their connection with the surrounding verdant greenery found nearby to their outlying production spaces.

We were invited into the small yet cosy studio space of Keope’s Marcus Rossknecht to gain insight on how this escape from the city of Berlin has allowed him mindful tranquility during his creative process, and how the present sound of Keope is articulated by their relationship to natural surroundings.

In this short film we learn how the duo are able to continue producing their music remotely through a virtual connection, and how the spirit of Keope is kept alive through their individual journeys of sourcing inspiration outside of the cities they once thrived upon.

A film by Elisa Cucinelli & Dhanesh Jayaselan
Produced by Tonal Scapes
Commissioned by Inverted Audio
© 2019 – Tonal Scapes – All Rights Reserved