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KORB: I’ll Be Gone

KORB is a freelance based motion design studio founded by CGI director Rimantas Lukavicius. KORB focus on visual effects, motion graphics and mixed media projects. This video subtly showcases Lukavicius talents as a CGI producer effortlessly.

The video begins with four synchronised shots of a seismograph, the instrument used to measure seismic waves. As the music begins each needle is triggered as different sounds and instruments begin, one for the vocals, one for the drum, and one for the clap and one for the keys, each timed perfectly.

As the paper roles on, the red line simulates a sound wave. The red lines become more and more complex and dynamic until the red ink itself defies gravity and its molecular state by and turning into globules of blood, as if it were in a vacuum.

The song ‘I’ll Be Gone’ is by Lithuanian pop producer Mario Basanov aka Marijus Adomaitis and Vidis featuring Jazzu. Put simply, this song is awesome.