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Music Video: HTRK – Venus In Leo

HTRK have released a mesmerising music video, directed by Nathan Corbin and Tony Lowe, for the title track of their fourth studio album ‘Venus In Leo‘.

At first glance the film appears to be broken – buffering to the extreme one could say. However it is this hazy element that brings the video to life, enhancing the dense and hypnotic quality of the music. Frames softly mutate as Nigel Yang explores the narrow streets of Melbourne and Jonnine Standish gets lost amongst vast vegetation. As a viewer it slows down time, so take a moment, escape reality and soak in ‘Venus In Leo‘.

‘Venus In Leo’ LP is out now via Ghostly International. Order a copy from Bandcamp. See HTRK perform live in London at FOLD on Friday 6th September for DIY & NTS Radio presents.  

Directed by Nathan Corbin and Tony Lowe
A Video Dub Production Filmed in Melbourne, Australia

Discover more about HTRK and Ghostly International on Inverted Audio

ArtistLabelReleased30 August 2019Genre