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Music Video: Lekande – It Happens

Following releases from Japanese producer Keita Sano and New York-based artist Suh+Moon, German label ROW Records prepare to issue their sixteenth release courtesy of Leipzig-based producer Lekande, bolstered with remixes from Kaep & Bhed and Workshop co-founder Lowtec.

Deep, dubby and tantalisingly atmospheric, ‘It Happens‘ EP is a bold release from the German producer, bathing listeners in a sea of saturated synths, skewered tape loops, swirling drums, field recordings and textural electronica. There’s a definite aura of Border Community in it.

Ahead of its release on Friday, we turn our attention to the music video for ‘It Happens‘ – produced and starring German artist Michael Doelitzsch. Filmed with seven cameras; 4K Video, smartphone and an old VHS-C Camcorder. The video frames Doelitzsch working on a canvas, employing Jackson Pollock’s paint splattering technique juxtaposed with multi-layered silhouettes of the artist, crafting a swathe of abstract expressionism employing vibrant hues and day-glo pastels.

Speaking about the making of the music video, Doelitzsch comments – “A white blank canvas was painted by me intuitively and automatically. Without a fixed approach, just the colours were laid out: from cold to warm. The paint was applied intuitively without a brush, usually directly from the tube.

A flat plastic object (like a credit card) was used to connect the colours. The colours are like thoughts that are followed by other thoughts and overlap or one layer merges into another. Just like the constant exchange with yourself when painting, the colours and the different levels (thoughts) and impressions also exchange ideas.

Each camera has a different colour science, as well as alternating angles and focal lengths. I tried to reinforce this constant exchange of ideas by masking myself in the pictures and then being able to refill these freed-up areas. There was also my own video material (archive material, visuals, holiday recordings). This way I was able to let myself, or let’s say my brain waves, flow onto the canvas.

The change between the resolutions and the different settings in connection with the exchanged first-person level transferred from 4K to VHS and integrated back into the high-resolution material is intended to reinforce the permanent dialogue. You can never do nothing. Something is always happening. Out of nowhere. It happens.”

‘It Happens’ EP is scheduled for release on 6th October via ROW Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

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