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Music Video: Weird Weather – Bamboo Room

Sometimes a few months off are necessary to refocus and recharge the batteries. With the release’o’meter stuck to one in 2017, Chuggy Leath’s [Emotional] Especial imprint finally reemerges to our greatest delight this year with the debut outing of emerging duo Weird Weather. ‘Bamboo Room‘ is scheduled to hit the shelves this week, with the digital version coming later in July.

Hailing from opposite ends of the London suburbs, LJ Horstman and D Thornley built their friendship upon a common love for dub mixes, which rapidly came out on the birth of the Weird Weather project. Fruit of four years of “jamming, constructing, dubbing and re-dubbing” ‘Bamboo Room‘ finds the pair delving in a wide, heavily hybridised array of genres, from ’80s synthpop to heliotropic nu-disco grooves, through spaced out proto-newbeat and further electroid motifs.

Premiering over our channels today, the title-track neatly grinds and mixes poolside downtempo, hypno-bass and Sino flavoured harmonics, all bathed in a soothingly vaporous sound design. Where the raw, unsoftened percussions beat a ruff and gruff pulse reminiscent of Phil Collins’ drumming at its toughest, droney hints and limpid chimes evoke the melodic negative of Yello and Spliff on an ambient house tip. Exotic, ASMR-inducing melter all the way.

Not content with bringing you the exclusive stream of the track itself, we’re also glad to premiere the music video directed by motion graphics designer Letty Fox – a kaleidoscopic super 8-shot mosaic involving fragmentary views of mountains, rivers and forests but also a menacing, steely-eyed Pierrot in the Moonlight, presented by the director as a “phantasmagorical journey over land and water to the unnamed city, where revellers play out their fantasies at the witching hour“.

Bamboo Room is released via [Emotional] Especial sometime in June, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Sequence 5
A2. Trash Dolphin
B1. Bamboo Room
B2. Bamboo Room (Ormus Mix)

Discover more about Weird Weather and [Emotional] Especial on Inverted Audio.

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