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Music Video: Sergie Rezza – Envole

Long-time collaborators DJ Deep and Roman Poncet have reunited once more for this year’s second release as production duo Sergie Rezza. ‘SRR002′ released earlier this month, follows swiftly on from their debut EP released in March that inaugurated their eponymous imprint Sergie Rezza Records.

The Parisian duo have collaborated in various guises, such as Adventice, Fang, DeepTraum and Slang, each moniker intended to explore a different style of electronic music. Sergie Rezza is their most overtly experimental project, originally formed in 2015 and kick-started with a pair of releases on Desire Records. This year sees them revive the pseudonym with two releases that further advance their unique brand of dubbed-out experimental electronica.

Today we’re glad to present an exclusive premiere of the new video for ‘Envole’, the opening track on their latest EP. Directed by Davy Evans, it’s an absorbingly beautiful piece of visual abstraction that can best be described as a view through a microscope after a hefty dose of psilocybin – the perfect accompaniment to a track that leans towards the psychotropic, careening through blissful pads, heavenly atmospherics and nuanced rhythms on a 10-minute musical trip that ends all too soon.

‘SRR002’ is out now via Sergie Rezza Records, order a copy from Juno.


1. Envole
2. Eclipse
3. Le Reveil
4. Max
5. Procession

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