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Portable premieres ‘Surrender’

Following our Portable Instagram campaign last week, in which we shard behind the scenes photos and diary notes made during Portable’s trip to Cappadocia, a historical region in Central Anatolia in Turkey, we are proud to celebrate the release of his new record today on Live At Robert Johnson by premiering his new music video ‘Surrender‘.

The softly-tempered, piano-laden melody of the track finds a perfect echo in this visual piece, the troglodyte landscapes in which Alan Abrahams meanders making for a riveting, almost unbelievable scenery while a fleet of hot-air balloons peacefully cruises over. Let the balearic charm of Portable’s sun-soaked inflections and smooth vocals grow on you. It’s time to surrender.


Surrender is out now on Live At Robert Johnson, order a vinyl copy from Boomkat.

Discover more about Portable and Live At Robert Johnson on Inverted Audio.

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