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Premiere: Morkebla & BAT ‘Go Slumming’

Italian producer Morkebla and Portland-based artist Best Available Technology join forces for a 6-track split on newly established label Slumdiscs. ‘Go Slumming’ will be released via the Washington label on September 4th.

If you are no stranger to the work of both producers, you know that their sound is delving deep into meditative states and altered musical perceptions, focusing on highly textured layers and evocative audio panoramas. ‘Go Slumming‘ doesn’t depart from these considerations: unfolding a mesmerizing mix of spectral and brightly-hued audio slabs by turns, both sides of the EP splendidly coagulate to merge into one cohesive slice of melancholia-drenched atmospherics and softly epic sonic tale.

To present this finely polished piece of stealth moves and false ambient tranquility, director Stephen McLaughlin created a beautiful trailer which we’re glad to premiere today. Made up of mangled 3D particles and glitchy phreatic visions, the video draws custom-made contours to the grainy ambientisms of Morkebla and BAT’s compositions. A magnificent three-minute visual trip we can do nothing but urge you to watch.

Go Slumming is released via Slumdiscs on September 4th 2015. Order a vinyl copy from the label’s Bandcamp


1. Morkebla – Absent Visor
2. Morkebla – A Sob Inverts
3. Morkebla – Il Numeri Maestri
4. Best Available Technology – Recasting Ope
5. Best Available Technology – A Cognates Pretext
6. Best Available Technology – Spectra Exigent

Discover more about Morkebla, Best Available Technology and Slumdiscs on Inverted Audio.

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