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Yosuke Tokunaga lines up ‘8 Quadrants’ LP on Vaagner

Following the 2021 release of ‘9 Mezzotints‘ cassette on sub-label VAKNAR, mysterious Japanese producer Yosuke Tokunaga lands on parent label Vaagner in February to issue his latest album of haunting ambient textures and electro-acoustic sound sculptures.

Sole contributor to the .TOST imprint, not much is known about the artist, nor about the production process behind their sprawling output. To date, Yosuke Tokunaga has released seven albums through .TOST, as well as a slew of releases for hyper-experimental imprints; Second Sleep, Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., Prepaid Records, Madriguera and Strange Rules.

Tokunaga’s forthcoming album is said to be his most accomplished work to date, with 8 Quadrants “|yielding unique soundscapes that lunge and retreat in near mechanical movement, while warm volleys of low flung claps and thumps disperse over a bed of textural hums and lingering chords.” File alongside the output of William Basinski.

‘8 Quadrants’ is scheduled for release in February via Vaagner. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Q uadrants
2. Qu adrants
3. Qua drants
4. Quad rants
5. Quadr ants
6. Quadra nts
7. Quadran ts
8. Quadrant s