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A.Fruit delivers an everlasting mix for Newtype Rhythms

The latest episode of our sister mix series arrives with a guest mix packed with caverns and creases courtesy of someone recently featured on our site, A.Fruit.

This Saint Petersburg-based artist has already made a sizeable impact domestically and internationally – finding rousing support from the likes of UK high-tempo heavyweight such as Om Unit and the Hospital Records crew, as well as supporting up-and-coming collective such as Worst Behavior in the United States.

The support she gains from these contemporaries however, is far smaller in scope than what she achieves with her impeccable productions. A.Fruit’s music is a multi-faceted trip through the subconscious; sonics that reverberate as much as they ruminate.

With a penchant for finding tones that grip the atmosphere surrounding you whilst keeping you floating amongst the skittering percussion, there’s not much A.Fruit can’t do to keep your attention at all times – and with this latest contribution to Newtype Rhythms she does that by providing one of the most memorable and mesmerising guest mixes to date for the series, weaving a web of energies that will light up synapses long after the episode ends.

Check out her absolutely stunning mix at 42 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead warming things up per usual.


00:00 – 42:26 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Oliver Coates – Reunification
2. Vladimir Dubyshkin – amphetamine freak
3. Dead Man’s Chest x Response – We All Go A Mitte Mad Sometimes
4. Fracture – GETTIN DIS PAPR
5. Galtier – Dancing On Ruins
6. X-Altera – New Harbinger
7. Pessimist – The Crawlers
8. The Brothers Grimm – Exodus [The Lion Awakes] (DJ Die & Addison Groove Remix)
9. Philip D Kick – Summer Moods
10. DJ Hype – Floating Kill (Dirty Mix)
11. Danny Scrilla – Sparks
12. HOOVER1 – HOOVER1-2B2 (Mr. Speaker Mix)

42:44 – END – Mixed by A.Fruit

1. A.Fruit – Observer Effect
2. Dub Beans – Never
3. Halber Ball – Centrifuge Fit (Yoofee Remix)
4. TMSV – Ritalin Jam (A.Fruit Remix)
5. Arnold & Lane – Stretch It Out
6. A – 0 – Lotus
7. Kray – Dye
8. Deft – New York’s Finest VIP
9. J (ay) .AD – Find Your Way Home
10. Train Trax – Got ‘Em All
11. Dev79 x Kenny99 – Shake That
12. Anna Morgan – Armada Stylo
13. DJ Swisha & Kush Jones – Torcida
14. Invt – ORB
15. Deft – Burna
16. DJ Squarewave & Frenk Dublin feat. DRS – Word Forbidden (TMSV Remix)
17. FreshTillDef – Reckless
18. Ani Klang – The Problem (A.Fruit Remix)
19. Toya Delazy – Find Di Boy (Sinister Remix)
20. Dexta, Hyroglifics – Boxgroove (A.Fruit Remix)
21. Subp Yao – Ok
22. A.Fruit feat. Julia Marks – The Party Is Inside
23. A.Fruit – Make Them Shake
24. Fixate – Wrong Foot Forward
25. Arcane feat. Samurai Breaks – Planet X
26. Metafoor – Slob
27. 27. A.Fruit – Short Days