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Premiere: Varuna – Ratu

Delsin add two new chapters to their Mantis sub-label, with a double drop of 12″ EPs from Varuna and Konduku continuing the series’ trend of enigmatic and organic techno.

Varuna takes catalogue #4 with a selection of three astral projections scattered over low-slung tempo. Our premiere, ‘Ratu‘, is our favourite, excavating new avenues in the same rich sound that pricked up our ears in the earlier Mantis releases.

A 7-minute roller at 110bpm, ‘Ratu‘ never rushes, instead allowing the layers within the music to flow in and out of clarity; constantly submerged in a balance of white-noise fog and near-dark brooding bass frequencies, Varuna restrains the pace and energy, allowing tendrils of sound to come out and drench the senses before quietly retracting.

‘Mantis 04’ is scheduled for release 14 September via Delsin. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Trackjam
2. Pasop
3. Ratu