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Album Premiere: Mattia Trani ‘The Hi-Tech Mission’

Fresh off the release of his ‘Frozen Injection‘ EP a couple of months ago, Pushmaster Discs boss Mattia Trani is back with his debut long-player ‘The Hi-Tech Mission‘, a nine-track interplanetary epic invoking Underground Resistance’s trademark fast-breakers, mind-expanding jazzy accents and straight up bashing breaks.

True to its track titles the album weaves strong narrative effects, using tempo variations and each of its genres’ idiosyncrasies to set up a celluloid-like outer space drama. ‘Departure‘ breaks the album in with an ambient-ish shuttle launch, a vocodized voice counting down to the vessel’s successful lift. ‘Low Tech Descending‘ then delves into a slo-mo 808-driven, broken beat sequence before ‘Traffic 2 Traffic‘ speeds up the drive with an extraterrestrial rave communion fusing jungle rhythms, reverbed birdsong samples and bop-inducing Rhodes melodies.


"True to its track titles the album weaves strong narrative effects, 
using tempo variations and each of its genres' idiosyncrasies
to set up a celluloid-like outer space drama"

The Hi-Tech Mission‘ sees Trani return to a more classic Detroit techno-infused recipe whilst ‘Symphony Of A Cosmic Goddess‘ unleashes a pure jazzy piano riff over a sizzling 303 sub-bass. The calm before the storm as speedball punchers ‘The Detroit Student‘ and ‘Alien Pattern‘ attack pedal to the metal, flashing like blazing comets before dissolving into a fireworks of bleeps and bloops.

Metaphysic Dream‘ brings the album closer to its final stretch, disclosing a secret message within: “Maybe this is the last transmission, dedicated to the creation of I.S.F. UNIT ZC-121861, thank you for listening, we are in the future, thank you“. ‘Future Funk Return‘ surprisingly doesn’t end of a contemplative note but well on a fierce 170bpm monster DnB outburst. The journey’s far from over ; actually, it may just have started.

The Hi-Tech Mission is released on 12″ May 13th, coming digitally on June 3rd. Pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1 Departure (Intro)
A2 Low-Tech Descending
A3 Traffic 2 Traffic
B1 The Hi-Tech Mission
B2 Symphony of a Cosmic Goddess
C1 The Detroit Student
C2 Alien Pattern
D1 Metaphysic State
D2 Future Funk Return

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