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Alva Noto announces new series of works exploring scientific phenomena – ‘HYbr:ID Vol. 1’

Alva Noto marks his return to NOTON next month with the announcement of ‘HYbr:ID Vol. 1‘ – a new series of sound works exploring scientific phenomena and heterogeneous composition methods.

Consisting of eight tracks accompanied with graphic notations informed by the album’s sonic and acoustic codes, ‘HYbr:ID Vol. 1‘ is a deeply sci-fi body of electronic music, brought to life with deep sub-bass, spacious sound design, and inorganic ambiance that feels like you’re floating in space.

Lifted from the press release – “the process of creating ‘HYbr:ID Vol. 1’ was defined by the search for a form to bind astrophysics phenomena, fiction and performance movements. Its narrative is inspired by cinematic visual techniques and static images portraying scientific events which also inspired the titles of the nine compositions.”

‘HYbr:ID Vol. 1’ is scheduled for release 12 November via NOTON.


1. HYbr:ID oval – hadron I
2. HYbr:ID oval – hadron II
3. HYbr:ID oval – blackhole
4. HYbr:ID oval – random
5. HYbr:ID oval – spin
6. HYbr:ID oval – asimoo
7. HYbr:ID oval – collider
8. HYbr:ID oval – p dance