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December unleashes first ever album ‘DÉBUT’ on Death & Leisure

Following a solid supply of extended player’s via VEYL, Pinkman, Return To Disorder, Jealous God, In Paradisum and Mannequin, Parisian producer December announces his first ever full-length via Oliver Ho aka Broken English Club‘s imprint Death & Leisure.

December has been carving out a niche in the realm of industrial techno, EBM and left-of-centre electronics over the last few years. Now, Tomas Moore steps up to unleash ‘DÉBUT‘ in November, showcasing his untamed “raw electronic punk energy, unique vocal signature, his strong minimalistic beats and the melancholic, romantic atmospheres he is known for.”

‘DÉBUT’ is scheduled for release 12 November via Death & Leisure. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Text Me When You Get Home
2. Always
3. Bottom Of The Food Chain
4. Years Ago I Would Have Said Yes Honey
5. Sunday 10.45pm
6. Je Sors Ce Soir
7. Double The Pain!
8. No Game
9. The Day Of The Hunter