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Andrew PM Hunt reissues debut LP as Dialect through RVNG Intl.

First released on digital format in 2015 via Tasty Morsels, ‘Advanced Myth‘, the debut studio album as Dialect from British composer Andrew PM Hunt has been remastered by Stephan Mathieu and been given the reissue treatment courtesy of RVNG Intl.

The predominantly ambient album traverses electronic and experimental soundscapes, painting a deeply lucid body of music, “an enchanted exploration of unusual source synthesis, electro-acoustic arrangements, and sound found in foreign environments.”

Slated for release in September, ‘Advanced Myth‘ is now available on vinyl and bone white cassette for the first time, with a limited supply of 100 vinyl copies available in black smoke marble effect.

A portion of the proceeds from this release will benefit The Whitechapel Centre, an independent charity working to see an end to homelessness, social exclusion and housing poverty in Liverpool’s communities.

‘Advanced Myth’ is scheduled for release 30 September via RVNG Intl. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Developers
2. Hung Rose
3. Teams
4. The Youniverse
5. Shatters
6. Chroma
7. Strange Grave
8. Unanswered Prayers
9. Watermarks
10. Jabba
11. First Breath
12. Waterfall End Sequence 02:38 video