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Anenon reveals new album ‘Petrol’ for Friends Of Friends

Making his first appearance in 2010 on his own imprint Non Projects Anenon embraces the world with futuristic and mellow sounds that distinguish his productions. The LA based producer, devoted to his sax and the freedom that comes from improvising with it, gives birth once again to an idyllic balance between electronic textures and elusive, touching chords with his new album ‘Petrol‘.

After making his debut on Friends of Friends in October with ‘Camembert‘, Anenon returns to Lazy Brow’s imprint Friends of Friends with a full length scheduled for release on 4th March 2016.

If his first EP on FoF, ‘Camembert‘, was built on “a Korg PolySix with minor touches of tenor saxophone, violin and bass clarinet”, ‘Petrol‘ is characterised by dense structures, aiming to explore the dynamic between groups and solo.

Produced in collaboration with his close friend Jon Kyle Mohr, Anenon’s third album is devoted to his relationship with his hometown and guides listeners through musical landscapes made of congested streets full of electronic stirrings and narrow alleys where a solitary sax player hypnotises whoever passes by.

Petrol is released via Friend of Friends on 4th March 2016. Order a copy of the album via Bandcamp.


1. Body
2. Lumina
3. Once
4. CXP
5. Mouth
6. Hinoki
7. Machines
8. Panes
9. Petrol

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