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Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery’s label Incienso to release new Beta Librae album ‘Sanguine Bond’

Last year Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery teamed up to set up a wholly new label venture going by the name of Incienso. The imprint’s first outing, DJ Python’s most excellent debut album ‘Dulce Compañia‘, pulled out all the stops, immediately finding its audience whilst getting high praise from both the professionals and critics. Fresh off this benchmark release and right in time for springtime, the label just announced a second LP courtesy of NY-based producer Beta Librae.

Labelled a “singular ambi-tech-no-house album” by the founding pair, Bailey Hoffman’s debut vinyl full-length ‘Sanguine Bond‘ (after a couple tape albums on Vancouver’s 1080p and Lillerne Tape Club) features nine cuts nimbly threading their way across heavy-lidded after party atmospheres, oblique rhythms and dense liquid dub depths. The vibe’s one to let your mind wander to, lushly textured and crafted in minute detail to deliver a fascinating slice of “emo-ambient ‘ludes, yogic, tribal downtempo” as well as an astonishingly immersive experience for the senses. Mark the date.

Sanguine Bond is released via Incienso on 14th May.


A1. Shy
A2. Just Drift
A3. 20:28
B1. Cosmic Machines
B2. Skyla
C1. Urras
C2. Canis Major
D1. Pink Arcade
D2. New Feelings

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