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Anthony Naples & Jenny Slattery inaugurate new imprint ‘Incienso’ with DJ Python “Dulce Compañia”

Following the release of DJ Python‘s debut 3 tracker “¡Estéreo Bomba! Vol. 1” last year on Proibito, today Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery announce the launch of their new imprint ‘Incienso‘ with the release of DJ Python aka Brian Piñeyro’s debut album ‘Dulce Compañia‘, due out on 25th September 2017.

A vibrant journey across iridescent soundscapes and quixotic territories, this double vinyl package does the splits between a variety of sonic imprints – from deep house through shoegaze onto reggaeton, with equal style and poise. Piñeyro’s silky touch doesn’t skip a beat and the result makes for a mystique-imbued, physically-transcending trip for the senses. Hard to think of a better inception for Slattery and Naples’ new label. Rated E for Everyone.

Dulce Compañia is scheduled for release 25th September 2017.


A1. Las Palmas
A2. Cuál
B1. Todo Era Azul (Versión Afuera)
B2. Toda Era Azul (siempre dub)
C1. q.e.p.d.
C2. Acostados
D1. Esteban
D2. Yo Ran (Do)

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