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Premiere: Tommy Awards – Rexy (The Normalmen Savanna Reinterpretation)

Incepted last year, Los Angeles-based imprint Origin Peoples has already gone quite a long way: nine releases on tape and 12″ in the space of a few months including material from ambient don Panoram and off-kilter house maestro Madteo… a rather solid breakthrough year to say the least.

Freshly back with the Remix EP of Tommy Awards ‘Inre Rymden‘ (the LP was released just a few weeks ago), the Californian label conjured some of the finest names from the European underground scene to restyle the Swedish duo’s jacuzzi-warm blends of New Age’y house and funk-soaked grooves, offering a tasteful plate of summery flavours and jaunty recreational beats.

On remix duty, Melody As Truth honcho Jonny Nash shares the bill with Polish producer Bartosz Kruczynski – better known as The Phantom and half of Ptaki, Eirwud Mudwasser, Coyote and Neapolitan duo The Normalmen aka Enrico Fierro and Manny Whodamanny, whose cosmo-telluric ‘Savana Reinterpretation‘ makes it to our premiere series today.

Imagine running across colour-shifting grasslands as UFOs dash low to the ground and fire their laser blasters real close to your head, morphing zebras and gnus into howling tentacular creatures. It’s time to hop on board The Normalmen’s disco jeep for a wild, funk-heavy safari through a tempest of psychedelic synth loops, crazed bongos and intergalactic bleeps. Vibeeeessss.

Inre Rymden Remixes is out now via Origin Peoples, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Prometheus (Jonny Nash Remix)
A2. Hans Logan (Bartosz Kruczynski Remix)
B1. Mike Sierra Foxtrot (Eirwud Mudwasser Nag Champa Radio)
B2. Ursa Minor (Coyote Remix)
B3. Rexy (The Normalmen Savana Reinterpretation)

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