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Premiere: DJ bwin – Herodot

Following up to a brilliant inaugural outing courtesy of label co-founder Leibniz, the newborn Hundert return with a fresh three-track delivery from DJ bwin, the duo formed by Leibniz and Golem Club’s Alex Hoppe. The press release serves as a warning: “Trinity draws on feverish breakbeats, hardcore influences and about 2,3 gigatonnes of bass” – yeah you got it, this one’s all about heavy impact club damage.

Streaming in full through our channels today, ‘Herodot‘ has less to do with the study of Roman history and geography than the murky backstreets of Bristol. Built upon a straight pummeling bassy backbone a la Kahn & Neek, the track hits hard and sinks deep, whilst giving full vent to a sleek textured mashup of liquid dubstep and mangled jungle tropes. Shunting the groove off the beaten track into a vortex of all-consuming club exhaustion, Alex and Moritz draw the gunfingers with lethal effect, all set to get the foundations shaking and the speakers melting forthwith.

Trinity is released via Hundert on 4th August, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Herodot
B1. Afterlife
B2. Secret Chamber

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