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Best Releases: May 2016

Fett Burger and Luca Lozano teaming up again, Madteo back with the christening release of his eponymous label, edit-sensei Mori Ra killing it with another batch of top-class revamps, Lee Gamble stepping up on UIQ for the first time… May got our processors on overheat! Here’s our monthly compilation.

HOLOVR: Trace Realm EP

Jimmy Billingham’s new effort ‘Trace Realm‘ is just as much of an introspective journey as it offers more expressive, outgoing combinations. Brushing a vibrant mosaic brimming with chopped-up keyboard chords and volatile acid-drenched arpeggios, the Rephlex vibe is here and banging, summoning the ghosts of Bochum Welt and Dave Monolith without striking the old-school-savvy pose.