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Jimmy Billingham aka HOLOVR releases super limited edition ‘Worlding’ LP

Following his rare live performance last summer at our “Campfire Headphase” stage at Farr Festival 2018 – Indole Records have announced their first release in over 3 years, from label boss, Jimmy Billingham aka HOLOVR.

Worlding’ is Jimmy’s debut release under his own name, following a string of well-received records as HOLOVR over the past few years on Likemind, Firecracker Recordings, Emotional Response and Opal Tapes.

“After spending a while finding his feet after a studio reconfiguration and house move, this album was recorded intensively over a 2 month period. The new set-up allowed Jimmy to quickly capture ideas and atmospheres, working mainly with processed synthesisers, modular equipment and field recordings. The result is a varied collection of tracks – primarily beatless, heavily textured and deeply emotional.

In many ways, it’s a return to the ambient drone style that Jimmy cut his teeth with as Tidal, Venn Rain and others during the early part of the decade. Though it’s less lo-fi, with several years’ production experience and gear upgrades under his belt, there remains a distance at play – an after-the-factness like glowing embers, an out-of-placeness like voices in an adjacent room – that is integral to the evocative quality of the music. This movement away from grid-based production and towards a looser, more freeform and spontaneous process has provided Jimmy with a renewed clarity of vision and sense of purpose.”

‘Worldling’ is out now as a limited cut vinyl (edition of 20) format. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Come to Me
2. Sils Mbn
3. Remote Viewer
4. Hold
5. And Ore
6. Tiled Horizon
7. The Future Isn’t What it Was
8. Archetype 1
9. Descender
10. Henotic Veil

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