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Jonas Yamer

Encompassing his “club night suspense in a nutshell”, Jonas Yamer’s mix delivery for IA is a proper riveting multisensory head trip rife with flaring breakbeat rhythms, hazy late night atmospheres and tribal techno motifs. We sat down with the man to discuss the origins of his love for electronic music, eclecticism and the ins and outs of his imprint, Molten Moods. Stretch a bit, set your speakers to full blast and fire away.

VA: Molten Moods 4

After two promising VAs and a debut solo instalment courtesy of Yamer partner in crime Jonas Friedlich two years ago, Munich-based imprint Molten Moods recently landed their fourth outing, featuring local staples Jonas Yamer, Skee Mask, Konrad Wehrmeister and Kessel Vale. All in all a fine-tuned tour de force, strongly cohesive and impeccably curated.